Geared towards women, mens and kids of all ages, this is a fun blog about…what else?  Shopping.  We love the advice on how to score online deals for women’s , mens and kids  clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories.  Budget Fashionista delivers honest reviews of fashion products and websites they love.

The site also announces sample sales and online discounts, and runs several giveaways throughout the year.

While this site does include purchases made at stores vs. online, the online deals they do feature can’t be beat.  One of our favorite examples is the site’s Rite Aid online order, in which the total amount due for seven items was $1.73 with coupons, rebates, and Rite Aid points.  The site also has a huge database of coupons, many of which can be used online.

The “Store Deals” section often applies to online purchases as well so check there for additional weekly savings.

This website focuses on value for your money, so they feature both high-end and bargain deals.  The shopping tips are practical and useful.  Bargain Babe hunts for the best coupons and freebies, so you don’t have to, saving you time and money when you are shopping online.  Sharing shopping tips is encouraged, and the ones featured on the site are very useful.

Bargain Babe’s blog articles have some great tricks for saving money so make sure to read those as well.

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