This combines new-age technologies with user recommendations. These apps help users view the suggestions and favorites from friends and family, expert tips and consumer reviews – all combined to make informed decisions about their travel and tourism choices – including destinations, vendors, bookings etc. A review by Adweek shows that social amplification is an important factor for mobile travelers with more than 80 percent preferring recent reviews before they take a call. The integration of social network (APIs) and vendor reviews, tourism companies can offer applications that offer enough social proof to prospective travelers.

The travel app industry has a high potential for monetization and revenue generation. Leverage the expertise of an experienced mobile application development company to make the most of this opportunity. Cyber impluse  Software solution has developed many travel mobile apps, where one of the apps helping users to understand the business etiquettes prevalent . From cultural dos and don’ts to national holidays, international dialing codes and the GNI per capita, it includes all the useful information pertinent to business travel in China.

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